The Rules

Failure to follow the rules will result in posts being stricken from the site. Repeated failure by the same IP address will result in an IP ban.
  1. Don't incriminate yourself or your employer; if your situation is in a legal scope seek legal advisement, not a website. Otherwise your words are as open to interpretation as you make them.
  2. Don't post anything NSFW (not safe for work) -- that's kind of the point here!
  3. We recommend you keep personal names and all PII out of it, and will take down the post on a case by case basis for this reason. Job titles exist for a reason; heavy weighs the crown indeed.
  4. Hate speech is bad -- no discriminatory language. Or anything weird. This is supposed to be about work!
  5. Remember that at least two mega corps essentially have unfetterred access to this database -- at the time of writing Heroku, owned by Salesforce, will be the choice of server provider for both web servers and our PostgreSQL datbase -- all via AWS, Amazon's Web Services. We recommend using a VPN as a result. The server may be subject to change but we recommend you keep this in mind when authoring content.
  6. Remember that if we take a post down, that doesn't mean we're removing it from the database.
  7. All writes to our database will include the user's IP and browser information. Again, we recommend you use a VPN at any rate. We're doing this for the purposes of bot tracking and spam blocking, but, act accordingly.
  8. These rules are subject to change at any time, and retroactive content decisions will be made as necessary.