Ok, so, this is going to sound crazy, but here goes. I was just working another day at my job, it was after a crazy night, I was at this late 90s club, they were blasting techno like it was somewhere in Europe, but I'm pretty sure it was New York, it's not very clear -- you know, wherever we are, right? So there was this girl with short hair and a white rabbit tattoo... and... well, the whole thing isn't important --

Anyway, then at work the next day, I get a call from this guy claiming to be a hacker, this stupid famous dude named Morbpheus. But why would he use a phone? Right? A hacker? Probably sounds like a dork. Anyway, then he's like, you're gonna get arrested, and there are these fed lookin dudes wearing sunglasses indoors, and they're headed for my desk! Anyway... long story short, I get arrested. And then this guy - and this is where it gets weird - well, maybe you don't need to know it all. The cops let me go, and this Morbpheus guy at the end of the night offers me a red pill, or a blue pill.

So I took the blue pill, of course -- but ok so this is the weird part -- then the next day at work, my boss calls me out in front of everyone in the middle of the office, and he's starts calling me all sorts of names like pinko commie feminyahtzee brainwashed quadgender liberal antifa super soldier so-shill-ist! Which was a lot to take in, seemed hard to pronounce, and personally, hurt my feelings? And then he "accused" me of being a hacker, which, well, everyone knew about my night job so that wasn't weird. Anyway, I keep wondering -- how could he have known I didn't take the red pill? He must've been listening to me on my cell phone, it's the only way! I know that's crazy but, have you ever thought, what if none of this was real?

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