They took my red stapler, and that was my preferred stapler for stapling, and you see it was allowed
by the company, and after being told there was cake, I am now in the basement and its dark and cold and I think the roaches are telling Bill Lumburg when I'm working, because I haven't been, this is because I cannot function at an adaquete pace without my red stapler, which they took, and now I'm not receiving a paycheck, and the more I cannot pay my bills the more I think I need to, well, ok, you know. Yes, I am listening to music, at an approved volume, but sometimes I wonder if the music is listening to me, or if they have put a bug in the radio, because sometimes I will be sitting here, with my music playing, looking for my stapler, then thinking of how to approach Lumburg, to ask for my stapler, and I will make a plan slwoly, and everytime Mr. Lumburg gets away and the other day when there was cake, I couldn't have any because I was told to keep passing, I tried to talk to Mr. Lumburg about my paychecks, but he asked me about a work task, and the only way he would know, and yes I have my radio at an appropraite volume, but the only way he would know is if he was listening, so I'm waiting for Peter to finish his third act and I can have some beverages on the beach and I will hope at that point Lumburg can hear me.

Company: Initek

Created: August 1st, 2022 05:18

Location type: ["office"]

Media type: ["other", "audio"]

Device type: ["other"]

Policy comms type: ["unknown"]

Certainty type: ["personal"]

Intent type: ["malevolent"]

Maturity type: ["immature_legally"]

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